Friday, January 8, 2010

A wild vacation

The only thing I wanted to do during this vacation was to take as much rest as possible.To some extent I could fulfill my desire. Woke up late in the mornings , slept in afternoons,wtached Tv shows and indulged in gossips. I look forward to a day on which I can overcome these weaknesses.

I am reading a book by Biboothi Booshan badhopadhyaya, Aranyak. I heard Muthukad talking about it in a TV show. So took a Malayalam translation of the Bengali novel. The theme of the novel attracted me. It inspires me to write about some of the beautiful places in my mind which includes my home land. It's wild and beautiful and I can relate some of the things in the novel and this place. Who can care how much land our family members together owns here, but sure I have a rough calculation. My father has paddy fields and coconut tree farms which includes a variety of trees and plants and which is also home to a wide variety of animals.

By year end I plan to have good amount of greenery in and around our compound.I like to do some good things for nature. I guess, this picture from Banglore will not be out of place here. A lorry full of plastic covers. They will get recycled.

As planned we went to Bungalooru and came back. We expected the climate to be cold, but it wasn't. The wheather was little hot after 10am. There most people preferred bikes to cars to go to work, due to slow traffic during peak times. The prices of things seemed much inflated. The supermarkets seemed true traps for consumers. They have such a lot of commodities.

8 years ago I was working in this city. In between I had halted here a few times also. Every time I pass through this city, I try to have a look at my old working place and place where I stayed as a paying guest. This time I didn't see both.

Banglore became very cold soon after we left her. The climate was good in Kerala, not too hot or too cold. This time I could enjoy the greenery. Those who stay here won't understand the depth of my statement. You ask anyone who has just landed after a long stay abroad, they will readily agree with me.

Before going for vacation I had planned to watch 3 movies. But only Pazzashi Raja was running in theaters. I bought and brought some CDs. Kanakanmani begins so well that we won't expect it to take such a bad turn and ending. Kameny, ajab prem ki gazab kahani , Bhagya devatha are in line here. One by one I have to watch.

I didn't like the last movie watched on big screen, that is Big Father. Before that I had watched Pazhassi Raja. For the first time, consciously heard the sound effects because it is the Oscar winner behind it. The marching sound was so different from my concept, which was set by other old movies.Rasool Pookutty is setting the standards now. The biggest budget movie in Malayalam is hard to believe. On top of that I read while trying to portray Pazhassi as a hero, they purposely avoided some incidents which hints to his negative character. But, truly it was a visual extravagenza. .

On weddings Malayalees spend extravagently. I could attend a grand marriage in Lulu center. The dowry was 10kg gold and a scoda car. The center stage had two screens on both sides. Two cameras were revolving in two cranes.It had a hall that can seat 1000 people at a time.

Now hear the story of another girl's marriage. This girl's would be husband gifted her a dress worth 1 lakh for engagement. She didn't like it. So for marriage 4 people flew to Banglooru and stayed in a hotel, slected a dress, gave it for alteration and made arragements to recieve the dress by parcel and flew back.

In Al Khor,the climate is cold.First day I went to work in a new dress which was flimsy. I shivered to my bones by afternoon. I got a mild fever in the evening. Next day onwards, started wearing warm clothes.

Books, CDs,seeds of vegetables and costly dresses are some of the worldly pleasures I aquired. After hearing the story of the marriage dress my costly dress seem very cheap.

Now all these things are for new year. The year gone, was not bad. It was in this year I became a proud owner of a Nissan Tida.It is gearless making the driving tension free. Why do we have vehicles with gears? Recession did affect us in some way. May be the next year will bring more hope for me and you. Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and also all the kids who came here,

This program will begin with a prayer. Let us seek the blessings of all mighty first. (I need it a lot)
God’s love is so wonderful, Oh wonderful love.

I have planned a welcome speech, rhyme time, a story and finally vote of thanks. Afterwards there will be a comment writing competition. The winners will have a chance to experience the beauty of my place with free food and accommodation. So you get ready for my show.

Next is welcome speech by blog owner.

I welcome you all from Perinjanam. I am celebrating one month vacation along with my family here. We flew, I don’t know for how many nautical miles, but finally landed safely in Cochin on 1st December. Hope to stay here for one month, just remember. Its winter holidays for school goers in Qatar.
I need your support to make this a grand success. Do invite me to your homes or any public places where we can be together. As you know some great days are coinciding with our holidays like, Christmas and New Year. Let us make the most of it. Once again I give you a warm welcome.

I declare this program officially inaugurated. My first trip will be to Bangalore. We will be there on the 12th for the next 3 days.

Each person is a hero. I will try to involve as many persons as possible by me in this program. If this is going to be a success it’s only due to you.

Next enjoy rhyme time.

I am a little blogger
Trying to be stronger
Bare with me my mistakes
Sorry for the time it takes.

Next we will have our last item, that is story telling.

Time is flying. Actually I feel I wrote the last post last year, but truly I couldn’t extract a minute in between for another post.
I had an opportunity to prepare some children for annual day cum children’s day program. It was wonderful working with such young minds. They taught me as much if not much more than what I have taught them. The talent explosion required high energy. It was very exciting though my system was overloaded. Felt a bit enervated afterwards. On stage we had rhymes, dances, skits, speeches and stories. First time in life I compeered an event. As you can see I am infected by a hangover.I leave the job of finding the moral of the story to you.

Vote of thanks

This program (vacation) wouldn’t have been a reality without the vision of my beloved husband. I would like to thank him first. Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and spent some time to comment. You will be given a place in my heart. Please make the competition attractive by your active participation.
Excellent, very good, very nice, really good, amazing, super, fantastic, wonderful, marvelous
Use these key words to enhance your chances of winning. Never mind if it feels like an overdose. Anyway I want everyone who visits my page to be a winner. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Onam Celebrations

The biggest festival came knocking at my door and I was least ready to give it a warm welcome. I did offer a small feast to capture the spirit of the festival. The scene had 3 friends extra in a small peaceful Malayalee family.

Years back I used to get up early , very early during these days. We used to enjoy collecting flowers and arranging it infront of the house. Nature's call was irresistable because she was another miss universe with lovely green dress adorned with multicolour flowers. We used to trot in all otherwise fearful paths to collect flowers or just for the shear joy of freedom.

How I wished to be at home for Onam!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vishu kani

I have one more picture for today. It is this year's Vishukani. I had that driving test on my priority list that day. A bunch of Kanikonna would have made it fabulous.
Onam is nearing and before that I had to blog the last celebrated festival. We had a semiya payasam that day.
We encourage an emerging artist, that's why the scribblings are so evident in the picture. He has scribbled everywhere in the house.

Manichithra Thazhu

This is a show piece from a shop in my place, Nadavaramba. It is famous for good quality bronze items. A few shops sell both ready made and custom made items. This lock costs around 15,000 Rs. and the length is between 60 to 75 cm. You will have to place your orders two or three months in advance for custom made items.
In other locks the fish is replaced by a tortoise or snake and the ring is placed on an elephant's head.


In Khor this is that time of the year when you are out doors you find dates and your mouth feels a need to date dates. A bunch of dates hanging from a palm tree is both eye catchy and mouth watering. My love for them dates back to time immemorial. I have disliked the dried dates since I started tasting fresh ripe ones. In childhood dried dates were the only choice available. Now imported fresh dates are not uncommon in Kerala. Dates become ripe during the peak summer season. To my taste buds both red and yellow dates are alike. They are juicy crispy and slightly sweet but, they leave a bit of bitterness at the end. Still on the whole they are tantalizing.

Golden dates nestled on a bed of burgundy dates

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Amateur Blogger

I started using blogger since December 2007. In spite of my best try I couldn't like blogging in the first month. Then suddenly one day I could produce an amateur content that really didn't capture any one's mind or intellect, but had high regard from its producer.

I was looking through my blogger dashboard blogger buzz recently. Then noted that the blogger will turn 10 years old in August and that made me write this post. First time when I heard the word blog I convinced the person who informed me about it that such a word does not exist. That was way back in 2003. Now I feel so ashamed to understand how ignorant I was during those times.

When I took the first dive I didn't know it was going to last this long. Since then I had to pass through certain tough phases. Because while doing this exercise I sometimes forget to come to the surface to breath.Often I started having burned food and utensils, discontented folks, a silly smile on my face even while having serious discussions at home and the list can go very very long. I had mentioned this in a previous post.

I had heard the story of successful writers and professionals perched on blogger. My story is different. I confine here my thoughts which were going zig zag in all dimensions. My thoughts are having a wider reach now. Anyone can take to blogging. It's very easy with blogger, who had always tried to integrate the best software features with an eye to be on top always. I have not fully utilized the scope of blogging. When I look around I understand, blogging is fading. Blogs with regular entries are decreasing. People are turning to more easy tweeting and face book keeping.It's easy for veterans to keep blogosphere thriving. But virtuosos with good content and time can also do their bit.

I wish blogger a very happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day in advance. I hope to see it to go on forever.